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The company MPE Models, created in January 2019 by Maxime PENNEROUX, designs and produces exceptional radio controlled models as faithful as possible to real models. We are specialized in the field of construction machinery (Excavators, Crushers, Compactors, Loaders ...) and we aspire to develop agricultural models in the coming months.


Model maker for more than 10 years, Maxime has acquired a lot of knowledge during these years of practice in the world of radio controlled model. First of all by passion, he made it his main leisure before developing more techniques thanks to his professional experience of several years within a machining company recognized in the fields of aeronautics and motorsport.

We are true enthusiasts and we take special care in finishing the models we produce. Our rigor and our professionalism push us to establish expert design processes to offer you models very close to the real models.

We analyze in detail the technical plans of each model before designing them in our own design office.


These 1/14.5 scale models are functional reproductions with real miniature hydraulic units that can develop pressures up to 30 bar. Equipped with electronics adapted to the most advanced needs in term of performance and autonomy, our models are handled with ease.

Made from materials such as brass, stainless steel or aluminum, our compact models are robust to ensure you a long life. We particularly want to provide them with rigidity and stability during use. Very fine assembling processes developed over the last few years bring visual finesse to all the models in our range.

Most of the parts that make up our models are produced in our French workshop, with numerically controlled machines (machining center, Lathe, Laser, Folder) as well as 3D resin printers to affix a maximum of details on the bodywork models.

Discovering the universe of the RC model
Acquisition of small conventional machine tools in order to be able to make my own models.
Learning CNC technology to use CNC machines.
Acquisition of cnc machine tools to manufacture complex parts.
Acquisition of a cnc milling machine with automatic tool charger 12 tools
Acquisition of a precision welding machine to make micro-welding tig
Creation of MPE Models, your specialist in construction models

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